Monday, May 28, 2012

The Queen Mum Knows Fashion

I've never written any sort of fashion post. Well, that's not true, last summer, I did write about the ridiculous of over-priced flip flops (however, a year later, I sit here in over-priced Tory Burch flip-flops...). But, I just posted a picture of The Queen Mum in her 20's inspired (or old lady inspired, whatever floats your swim cap) swimsuit and swim cap.
The Queen Mum, hanging by the Pool

It was so stinking adorable that the pool I was at yesterday took a photo of her for their website. Everyone with a baby girl wants her suit. I'm sure they'll run out eventually, so there are other options out there besides Gap. One of my favorite stores for out of the ordinary baby clothing is Janie and Jack. While they are owned by Gymboree, they offer a more upscale version of clothing. All of their bathing suits this season are also vintage inspired.
Janie and Jack: Ruched Floral Swim Cap 
The Queen Mum has the Ruched floral cap, and it's just as adorable as the one from the Gap. Because summer is upon us, prices on swim caps and bathing suits are getting lower by the day. However, if you are looking for cheap cheap swimsuits, I'm not sure Gap and Janie and Jack are the best places to go. I so badly want to point you towards Target, but I'm finding their selection lacking. Plus, I worry their stuff will fall apart. (which is odd, because all my swimsuits are from Target...)

Against my better judgement, I checked Walmart. However, you will never see my daughter in a Hello Kitty Bikini, even if it is $9.97. (yes, you can take a moment to talk behind my back. I can't hear you anyway.)
Baby Mermaid Diaper Cover and Hat 

I also checked etsy, hoping to run across something awesome and handmade. While there were a few swim caps, none were really fun or had the vintage look I was searching for. Although,  I did run across a baby mermaid

I'm sure most of Mommyland has been on a frantic search for bathing suits since February. What do you like to see your little girls wear?


  1. Oh, this picture!!

    I am dying! You are 20 years too late for my uterus!

    1. I'm pretty sure I'm helping Gap take over the world.

  2. I love this!!! So cute.

    I awarded you with a Kreativ blogger award!

    Love your words!!

    1. Where have I been? I just saw this! Awesome!!! I'm glad that you enojoyed it!